I am proud of the family business we’ve built

I have never hid the fact that one of my financial interests is a bail bonds business and I never will. In fact, it was included in this website the first day we went live (About Byron). My opponent has attacked me twice for helping community members exercise their constitutional rights.

Coming from a lawyer who has sworn to the idea of “innocent before proven guilty” his attacks are both alarming yet enlightening to his anti-constitutional beliefs.  

As normal practice, we do not disclose our clients names in any public manner. As you can imagine, our clients seek discretion and anonymity as most are horribly embarrassed. Kieth listed the names of seven of our clients on a negative mailer. Proving that he will sacrifice the privacy of community members in hopes of garnishing political favor.

Keith previously used a North Las Vegas murder-suicide tragedy,  which had nothing to do with our agency, on a negative mailer in hopes of confusing constituents. As someone who is trained in crisis intervention I can guarantee you that the family members of that victim do not want to re-live that tragedy, nor would they want it exploited on a negative political mail piece.

I’m proud of the business we’ve built. It has allowed me to contribute thousand of hours of my time to support programs for the betterment of our community like volunteering as a mentor in the veterans treatment court, and as a suicide prevention instructor. It has also allowed me to financially contribute to organizations that support our community members.

The Truth About Our Business

☆ We have posted well over ​$​4 million dollars in bail and only lost $3,600.00 on two misdemeanor cases because the defendants failed to appear.  Ultimately those two individuals were eventually caught and faced their day in court.

☆ Well over 85% of our cases are referred to us by attorneys. In fact, some of the largest law firms in Southern Nevada use us exclusively. Unlike Keith Pickard they understand that people are innocent until proven guilty.

☆ We turn down people frequently if we feel bail isn’t appropriate. Taking money out of our pockets because we believe in honest and transparent business practices. 

☆ Our business has a stellar reputation. We’ve been recognized by the community with two awards for our service. In our entire existence we’ve only had one complaint filed against us. That complaint was dismissed almost immediately as unsubstantiated.

Our website address is brooksbail.com

Several of the cases Keith Pickard attacked me on were community members whose cases were exonerated and their charges dismissed, at their first court appearance  Apparently Keith believes these innocent community members should have sat in jail. Once again that’s amazing yet alarming coming from a lawyer.

Commercial bail is what Keith Pickard has chosen to attack me on. I say Bring it On! Just leave our community members out of it.

“I don’t have any major issues with his opponent, a one-term Assemblyman serving District 22. But I look to the long-term future of Nevada and I see a person in Byron Brooks who understands that protecting our liberties will require strength & endurance, and he’s just the person to do it!” – Senator Don Gustavson (Senate District 14)

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