2ND Amendment

I will protect and defend the 2nd amendment.

To me, it is not just the original intent of our 2nd amendment, but I support the 2008 supreme court opinion of conservative justice Antonin Scalia who wrote the opinion in narrow but unprecedented terms: for the first time in the country’s history, the supreme court explicitly affirmed an individual’s right to keep a weapon at home for self-defense.

School Choice

Parents are the best decision makers as to which school is best suited for the education of their child.

School Choice is an option parents in Nevada should have and I support the creation of education savings accounts (ESA’s) as a means to facilitate school choice funding.  Each child learns in their own unique way, and thrive in a unique environment, be it a small school, a charter school, or a particular public school, there should be options.

Parental Rights

I support and will fight for the protection of fundamental parental rights.



The best way to empower our children, is to empower our educators with the resources they need.

I see the problems of the education situation first hand. My son recently completed first grade at a public school where I am an elected member of the school organization team (SOT). The purpose of the SOT’s are to work in conjunction with the schools admin team to manage the schools budget and operational costs. I have never witnessed a bureaucracy with more issues and challenges then the Nevada education system. From budgets to funding, to teacher pay, and school choice, the entire education system needs the utmost attention from every adult stakeholder in our state. I have placed education at the top of my agenda. I will support the following:

  1. School choice and ESA’s.
  2. An audit of the Clark County School District.
  3. Moving the 10% recreational retail tax from the rainy-day fund to education.
  4. Weighted formula funding and overhauling the Nevada Plan.

We must improve our special education resources.


In leu of increasing taxes, I will be asking for less waste, and a tight rein on budgets and spending. Lower taxes for both businesses and individuals spurs the economy and job growth.  I will look for ways to amend the Commerce Tax, a tax on gross revenue, to lessen the burden on Nevada businesses.

As a businessman, I look at two fundamental ways to increase revenue; create more jobs which will increase spending in our economy, or cut budgets. Neither of those two options have anything to do with taxes.

Sanctuary City

I will not support the protection of immigrants who are breaking the law by being in Nevada illegally.

I do not support any legislation that will enable our state or any municipality to become a sanctuary city or state. I will be a strong and loud voice for the protection of our state and cities. Sanctuary cities refuse to tell federal immigration authorities when they have arrested or are about to release an illegal immigrant who is a criminal suspect. The rule of law in Nevada regarding immigration policy is very clear and should be followed by all citizens, no exceptions.